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Looking for your very own blog? Or maybe for your small business? Affordable solutions for every need.

Computer Diagnostics

Cheap and honest diagnostics along with plethora of software and hardware repair services.

Custom Built Computers

Custom built PCs are often an economical solution. Reach out to me for your new computer needs.

What else can i provide?

Hardware Repair (Desktops Only)

If your computer is having trouble running or even functioning efficiently, there might be a hardware issue. I can help with that!

Software Repair

Got a virus? Computer bogging down with all the junk and bloatware you got? I have a solution for your software problems!

More to Come!

As I see fit, I will be adding more services that will be helpful to everyone based on the number of requests.


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About TekMorf

Welcome to TekMorf. Your one stop source for all your technology news, updates and support. The world of technology is ever changing and constantly expanding. As time goes on, it may seem hard to keep up with what is going on and how it’s relevant to you.

I understand that the constant change is not in everyone’s interest to keep on top of. My goal through this website will be to shed light on everything technology related that would be of interest to the not so tech-savvy person.

I am open to suggestions and ideas on what you would like to read about. We will talk about interesting plus useful electronics and gadgets. Guides and tips of topics that may be of interest to the every day person. News and updates that you may have heard of but do not really know how it affects you. The primary purpose of it all though – simplification. The articles will be simple and understandable, regardless of how much you know or care about technology and electronics.

Let’s face it, technology plays a big role in our everyday lives and it is just going to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. You might as well keep up to date with the trends so you can not only be aware of what is going on, but also be alert of any negative and positive aspects of it.

Finally, I’m always here to help. Along with my services offering, I’m always open to suggestions and questions that you may have. Shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to assist or at the least, point you in the right direction if it’s not part of my skillset.

Noman Noor

I’ve come to realize that getting great services for your technological need has become a very misleading and expensive market.  As technology advances, what it offers is getting simpler rather than more complicated.  In this ever-changing world of technology, you should know that basic services should not burn a hole in your pocket and I promise to deliver services at the most reasonable prices.

Noman Noor

Founder, Tekmorf

What my customers are saying!

Noman helped with my website for my book. He has excellent interpersonal skills. He communicates effectively and is open to feedback and suggestions. He is willing to go the extra mile and do the necessary research when it comes to providing you with the best options out there. Very easy to work with and professional. Highly recommend him if you are looking for someone to set up your website for you.

Manal Wazeer

Noman provided a professional service. With his help I was able to save hundreds of dollars on my new PC. I would not hesitate to contact him in the future for all my computer needs.


I’ve had the pleasure of having Noman build my website for my Skincare Brand, Amala Botanicals and I must say that I have nothing but good things to say about working with him. Noman is very accommodating and will work with you through any issues that arise. He is very prompt in responding to his clients and making any changes that come up along the way. Even after finishing the build of the website, if and when I had any questions, concerns or glitches, he responds very quickly. I am extremely happy with his work and would recommend his services to friends and family.

Hiba Adam

Feel free to e-mail me!