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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting TekMorf.  If you haven’t taken a moment to read the Home page, I would highly advise you to go ahead and do that right now.  The home page briefly outlines the purpose and goal of this website and that will give you a great idea as to whether this website may or may not be of interest to you.

Like any new endeavor, there are a lot of challenges, thoughts and sometimes even anxiety to go along with it.  Deciding whether it is worth investing your time and whether there will be any benefit in doing so is always a constant thought.  Will we ever see the fruits of labor or will it hit a dead end as soon as it picks up.  Who knows really.

I have always had a passion for technology.  And I thought I’d share this passion with the rest of you.  I will not say that I am some “tech geek” that knows everything and all things technology.  Not even close.  What I do have is understanding of the fundamentals of it and because it intrigues me, I have the desire to learn more about it.

Through discussions with a lot of people around me and even just browsing around the internet, I have come to realize that a lot of people don’t really care about the cyber-world.  I, personally, believe that this is only because of the constant evolving nature of technology that is not only impossible to keep up with, but also not as straight-forward as you may think.

But hey, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Technology is our ally at the end of the day (at least for now).  Sure it comes with its flaws and concerns, but used right, there are a lot of things we can take into account to make our lives easier .  Let’s be real, most of us do not really care about the new graphics card coming out or what processor chip will go into the next AI robot.  What we care about is how technology is affecting us directly and how can we use that to our advantage.  As my blog grows, you will learn about all these things that you might not have stopped to think about.  Or perhaps even things you’ve heard of but never knew much about.  We will talk about useful products & services.  Along with my support and service offerings, you can learn a lot about this amazing world without complicating it with jargon that you do not care about.

Email me suggestions.  I am open to ideas about what I should write about.  I will begin with perhaps 1 article per week.  We’ll see how it goes from there!

Thank you for checking this out and I look forward to seeing you around and maybe even talking to you!

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